MagneticSigns_p1Vehicle magnets are a more cost effective for of vehicle advertising solution over a more permanent form of advertising such as a vehicle wrap.

If you only wanted to advertise your business on alternate days then vehicle magnets are a great solution for your business. Vehicle magnets are small enough to store but large enough to make an impact when on your car. For those that prefer not to have adhesives on their paintwork then vehicle magnets are a great option for you.

TSM Signs’s standard size for vehicle magnets is 600mm x 300mm but we do custom sizes also. Give us a call now to see if we can do your custom size.

All of our vehicle magnets are printed at the highest quality and laminated to keep them looking new and shiny for years to come.

Do you work full time and have no way of picking up your vehicle magnets once they’re ready? No problem! We offer a delivery service, so you don’t need feel like your business is missing out on the smart signage it deserves.