Car Wrapping & Vehicle Vinyl Car Wraps in Sydney

For any business that uses vehicles for work, commercial vehicle wraps are a fantastic way of cost-effective advertising wherever you go. Whether full coverage, lettering, spot graphics or partial wraps, we deliver car wrap styles that suit you and your business goals. Our team of expert designers and print technicians use the latest industry materials and techniques to produce high-quality, long-lasting car wraps that will give your business maximum exposure and leave a lasting impression.

TSM Signs provides well designed, premium quality car vinyl wrapping services in Sydney to businesses who want to look professional, stand out and generate leads.

Looking to create or refresh your brand image and don’t know where to begin? Take advantage of our in-house designers who will work with you to create the professional image your business deserves. Our car wrapping services are eye catching and custom designed to give your business the unique edge it needs to succeed.

Wrapping a single vehicle or an entire fleet, we work with businesses large and small to increase your brand exposure on the road.

Ready to begin? Contact our team of qualified, experienced professionals today.

Who Should Use Car Wrapping to Advertise Their Business?

Advertising can be expensive, but it’s important in growing your brand and generating new leads. What better way to advertise your business as you go about your day than with a car vinyl wrap in Sydney? Vinyl vehicle wrapping is a 24/7, long-term advertising solution for your business which is very affordable in comparison to other mass market advertising such as billboards, bus stands or radio.

And it is versatile – vehicle wrapping can be custom designed for cars, vans, utes, trucks and buses.

Benefits of Using Our Car Vinyl Wrapping Service in Sydney

Reaching audiences in large, busy cities like Sydney is every advertiser’s dream. Vinyl car wraps will get your business out there to hundreds – maybe even thousands – of potential customers every day.

Some other benefits of car wrapping include:

Make Your Business Stand Out with Professional Car Wrapping Services

Well-designed, professional vinyl car & van wrapping makes your business look the real deal. A good vehicle wrap company in Sydney will create an effective design to leverage your brand and take your business from amateur to professional in no time.

See Your Business in Action with Full Wrap Advertising

Whether parked outside a customer’s house, delivering product, or driving to your next appointment, car wrapping is an ideal way to advertise your business on the go. You make an impact and reinforce brand awareness as prospective customers see you and your business in your working environment.

Turn Your Vehicle into a Mobile Advertising Machine

With our commercial vehicle wrapping, Sydney is your advertising ground. Wrapping your marketing message around your vehicle is a cost effective, one off-payment that provides many years of advertising and lead generation.

Make a Statement with Modern, Attention-Grabbing Car Wraps

Distributing flyers and leaflets to letterboxes are so yesterday! Modern businesses need modern solutions, and vehicle wraps are a striking, eye-catching way of showing customers what you have to offer.

If you feel that your business would benefit from commercial car wraps, contact our team of qualified, experienced professionals today.


At TSM, we provide car signage solutions for businesses in Sydney wishing to create or enhance their branding on their commercial vehicles.

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